Holistic Health & Fitness Transformation

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In person or on line coaching

Each session is a functional holistic blend of yoga, Pilates and tai chi/chi kung and calisthenics integrated in a way that provides a safe and effective exercise for every fitness level. 

With a focus on Alignment, Mobility, Agility, Stability Exercises to improve overall body performance. Restore and reconnect brain/body/balance with functional control while maximizing mobility during each movement.  

Each class is designed to reduce stiffness, increase mobility, strength and stability while lengthening muscles.


C.H.E.K institute:

  • Holistic Health Coach,  Certified Personal Trainer Cooper Institute, Master Trainer (5000 hours), Yoga Teacher Certified, Pilates Mat Certified, Wild Goose Chi Kung, Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner, Self Esteem Coach, Class VI Auditor, Purification Rundown Case Supervisor, Postural and Mobility Specialist, Certified Food Coach, Speciality certifications in Homeopathy, Herbology, Quantum Reflex Analysis and other modalities I bring to each client engagement.

Other training:

  • Law of Attraction Advanced Coach
  • Certified Master Guide
  • Posture and Mobility Specialist
  • Ordained Minister
  • Purification/Detoxification Specialist